Implant Dentistry

What are dental implants?
Dental implants are substitutes for teeth and are today's best alternative to your natural teeth. They are specialized titanium fixtures placed into the jaw underneath the gum that biologically bond to living bone. Once healed they act as anchors to allow the attachment of artificial teeth or dentures. Dental implants restore the natural look, feel, and function of natural teeth. You'll be able to chew, enjoy, and digest your food too.
Single Tooth Dental Implants
Is it painful?
With administration of an anti-inflammatory medication and careful surgical technique, in most cases post-operative discomfort is less than with regular tooth extraction.

Implants Dentures

Where are these procedures performed?
Dr. McCullough is proud to provide complete comprehensive in-office service for all phases of treatment, including IV sedation (See our Dentistry Asleep services page...). Surgery is performed using sterile surgical protocol, and your prostheses are created by denture specialist Joe Della Marina.
Implant Retained Bridge


"There is now overwhelming evidence that a 2-implant overdenture should become the first choice of treatment for the edentulous mandible. Patients have a significantly higher quality of life and improved nutritional state with stabilized dentures." from an article in the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association
Sept. 2002, Vol. 68, No. 8, Pg. 469


Implant Posts and Dentures

"...Implants are especially successful for attaching teeth in people with full upper dentures and REVOLUTIONARY for those who have suffered with full lower dentures."

Palete-free dentures

Am I eligible?
Many types of patients benefit from Dental Implants. Those with failing dentition, accident victims and others who presently wear full or partial dentures. The success rate of Dental Implants is outstanding but not all patients are suitable candidates. You should be in good health and have a positive attitude. Compliance with post-operative maintenance instructions and good oral hygiene directly affects treatment outcome. Dental Implants restore a lot more than just teeth.


How much does treatment cost?
Services such as radiographs, consultation fees, extractions, and IV sedations are normally covered under your regular dental plan. Implant procedures usually are not. To find out moreabout your choices, begin by calling us for a consultation. Dr. McCullough will help you understand what to expect regarding procedures, cost, duration, and post-implant care. The McCullough group offers a variety of payment options, for more information, please see our Financial Options page here.



Family Dentistry

The McCullough Group has proudly provided dentistry for families in the Niagara area since 1952 and new patients are always welcome. In addition to children and family practice we also focus on:

Placement and Restoration, Start to Finish!
Cosmetic Dentistry
General Dentistry
Complete On-site Denture Service
Dentistry Asleep (IV Sedation)
Digital X-rays

The McCullough Group had its beginnings with Dr. Jack McCullough establishing a family practice here in 1952. He was joined by his son Dr. John McCullough in 1982 and his daughter Dr. Cathy McCullough in 1988. In 2002 Denture Specialist Joe Della Marina joined the team. Dr. Cathy McCullough retired from the McCullough Group and Dr. Sara Chirico joined us representing a new generation of family care.

Dr. John McCullough
Dr. Sara Chirico
Mr. Joe Della Marina


The McCullough Group today represents not only the distillation of the efforts of our predecessors but the continuing efforts and energies of our present staff. The practice has always taken pride in providing comprehensive dental service to all people. Patients are the reason for the existence of the practice and our commitment to continuing education, innovative techniques and standards of excellence result in the best possible care for our patients. We pride ourselves on our reputation as dependable health service professionals who know our patients.

With our combined years of professional experience, latest technology and sterile surgical protocol, we and our staff look forward to helping you.

Teeth Whitening

As well as providing teeth whitening at The McCullough Group we offer a more comprehensive smile makeover service.

A smile makeover refers to any combination of cosmetic dental procedures that enhances the beauty and appearance of the smile, correcting almost any problem:

• stained, discolored teeth can be whitened
• crooked teeth can be straightened
• chipped, broken teeth can be repaired
• missing teeth can be replaced
• gaps between teeth can be closed
• and so much more.

Teethe Whitening
Old broken silver fillings replaced with current new generation white fillings - new restorations to enhance your smile!

Teeth Whitening
Anterior crowns - functional and aesthetic

Teeth Whitening

Call today to make an appointment and we'll help you achieve a smile that is straight, white and even.

Teeth Whitening
Erosion along necks of teeth repaired with white fillings - no freezing!

Teeth Whitening
Bleeching my teeth really makes me smile!

Teeth Whitening


Joe Della Marina - Denture SpecialistJoe Della Marina, our on staff denture specialist, is an integral part of our health care team.

How long do dentures last?
Dentures don't last forever. Denture teeth wear, stain, and denture bases must be re-fitted to the gums after a period of time because gums and bones shrink and change continually. Dentures should be relined every three years, and replaced after five years. Annual examinations are a good idea, such that conditions that give rise to potential problems are evaluated. For example, a strong bite versus a mild bite; physical health changes, in particular excessive weight loss or gain; oral cancer; bone shrinkage and tooth shifting of remaining teeth - all cause poor fit and function of dentures.

Denture repair.
We offer in-house repairs, as well as relines, usually same-day service. Soft liners may be the correct option for some people with severely flat gums, chronic soreness or a sharp bony gum-line. Soft liners offer more comfort for these individuals, and in some cases, more stability to the denture. Visit us for a consultation to learn more about soft liners.

Daily Care.
Dentures should be taken out at night so that the gums get a chance to relax. Brushing your gums with an extra soft tooth brush will keep them firm and healthy. Use of denture cleaners available at your pharmacy can help keep dentures fresh and stain free

What Denture Is Right For Me?

Implant dentures:
Our most successful solution! Whether you have either partial or full dentures, by adding implants you gain stability and retention that was previously unimaginable. Please see our Implant Dentistry Services page.


Partial dentures:
We offer a wide variety of partial dentures from invisible partials, cast metal partials, and temporary acrylic partials. Partial dentures with implants are a highly successful hybrid solution to many problematic situations.

Immediate dentures:
This solution is for those individuals who cannot go without teeth even for one day. These dentures are of a temporary nature just to get you by until healing is complete, usually after four to six months. New permanent dentures may then be fabricated.

Dentistry Asleep

As a complement to our dental services Dr. John McCullough is pleased to offer intravenous sedation to our patients requiring general dentistry. Intravenous concious sedation is a safe useful modality to provide "dentistry asleep" for patients who are fearful of routine dentistry, or those desiring increased comfort for longer procedures.

The cost is covered by most dental plans, and patients considering this service should arrange a consultation appointment to ensure their suitability. Our facility is licensed by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons and we have an RN on staff to assist and monitor the procedure.

If you're one of the numerous patients who feel pain or anxiety during dentistry, Dentistry Asleep can allow you to receive dental care in complete comfort.

Receding Gums

What is Gingival Recession or Receding Gums?
Receding gums (gingival recession) refers to a loss of gum tissue resulting in an exposure in the roots of the teeth. Gum recession is a common problem in adults over the age of 40, but it may also occur starting from the teens.

Problems caused by Gingival Recession
• Increased likelihood of cavities on the root
• Root sensitivity
• Unfavourable appearance
• Sites with recession are prone to progression

What are the benefits of treatmentwith AlloDerm Connective Tissue Graft?
Creates an adequate amount of gum tissue to
reduce likelihood of further gum recession
• Cover exposed root surfaces

receding gums

What will be done?
• AlloDerm, an acellular dermal matrix will be placed to partially or completely cover the exposed root surface
• Your own gum will cover the graft

*Most insurance plans cover this treatment

See: Dr. Sara Chirico - McCullough Dental

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